Reserve Component Use, Balance, Cost and Savings: A Response to Questions from the Secretary of Defense   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Executive Summary: "At the September 5, 2012 meeting of the Reserve Forces Policy Board (RFPB), Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta met with members of the Board and asked them (in accordance with Title 10, Section 10301) to provide him with advice and recommendations on several Reserve Component topics. Specifically, he was interested in determining: the best ways to use the Reserve Components in support of the Defense Strategic Guidance; the right balance or mix of Active and Reserve Component forces; the cost to maintain a Strong Reserve; and how the Department can achieve cost savings in relation to the Reserve Components. The purpose of this report is to provide the Secretary of Defense with thoughtful analysis, observations and recommendations in response to each of these questions, and constitutes the Board's complete and final report. The responses are intended (in accordance with the Board's Charter) to improve and enhance the capabilities, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Reserve Components."

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RFPB Report FY14-02; Reserve Forces Policy Board Report Fiscal Year 14-02
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Reserve Forces Policy Board: https://rfpb.defense.gov/
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