Elder Abuse Surveillance: Uniform Definitions and Recommended Core Data Elements   [open pdf - 4MB]

From the Introduction: "Older adulthood is often labeled the 'Golden Years.' It is a point where many Americans expect to do things that they could not do earlier in life due to factors such as family and occupational commitments or financial constraints. It is a time when many Americans expect to continue growing as individuals by pursuing personal interests, hobbies, or even second careers, as their health permits. At a minimum, most Americans believe that old age should be a time in one's life that is worry-free, peaceful, and stable, where autonomy is retained as long as possible. Unfortunately, for persons who experience Elder Abuse (EA), old age may be far from 'golden.' It can be a sad, stressful time filled with pain, poor health, and poverty. It can involve a life that is disconnected from the activities and relationships that one finds most meaningful. This disconnection also affects life within the communities surrounding such persons by denying them access to these valued older contributors who are important sources of knowledge, expertise, and mentoring."

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