Planning Today for a Pandemic Tomorrow: A Tool for Nursing Facilities   [open pdf - 4MB]

From the Introduction: "The impact of a novel virus, to which the general population would have little or no immunity, is not possible to predict. The effects of a pandemic could range from moderate to severe. In a moderate pandemic, nursing homes may need to implement restricted visitation or manage a shortage of personal protective equipment, like N95 respirators, and struggle with the challenges of just‐in‐time fit testing for staff. In a severe pandemic, a facility will struggle with these and more difficult issues that may threaten the facility's ability to remain operational. In a severe pandemic, nursing homes may be faced with a sharp demand for increased services while attempting to manage their own staffing and supply shortages caused by multiple healthcare facilities sharing the same need for supplies. As your own residents become acutely ill, hospitals already implementing their own surge plans may deny requests for transfers from your facility. In fact, nursing homes may be asked to accept transfers 'from' acute care and be tasked with providing care for individuals with much higher acuity than those cared for in the regular resident census."

2010 New Jersey Hospital Association
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