Citizen Voices on Pandemic Flu Choices: A Report of the Public Engagement Pilot Project on Pandemic Influenza   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Executive Summary: "This Public Engagement Pilot Project on Pandemic Influenza (PEPPPI) was initiated in July 2005 to discuss and rank goals for a pandemic influenza vaccination program and to pilot test a new model for engaging citizens on vaccine related policy decisions (The Vaccine Policy Analysis CollaborativE, VPACE). The Pilot Project was sponsored by a network of interested organizations listed on the cover of this report. To conduct this public consultation, the sponsors engaged stakeholders from various organizations with an interest in pandemic influenza (the National Stakeholder Group), and individual citizens-at-large from the four principal regions of the United States. The anticipated major benefits from this public consultation were the development of an improved plan to combat pandemic influenza and one more likely to gain public support, and a demonstration that citizens can be productively engaged in informing vaccine related policy decisions."

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