Improving Biosecurity with Wildlife Management Practices: Preventing Access to Barns and Other Facilities   [open pdf - 265KB]

From the Document: "Avian influenza viruses and other pathogens that impact domestic poultry often cause little or no illness in wildlife. For this reason, apparently healthy wild birds and mammals could spread disease onto farms when they are attracted to areas with abundant food, water, and/or shelter. You can build on and enhance your farm biosecurity by putting wildlife management practices in place. There are several nonlethal ways to make farms less welcoming to wildlife. Wild birds and mammals visit barns, silos, and other structures at farms and poultry facilities to nest, rest, or seek shelter. The practices below can help you stop wildlife from nesting and living in and near your poultry facilities, and coming into direct contact with your poultry. Keeping wildlife away from your farm also helps you avoid accidentally transporting wildlife fecal material and secretions into your facilities on boots, equipment, and food."

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