On Wargaming: How Wargames Have Shaped History and How They May Shape the Future   [open pdf - 5MB]

From the Introduction: "The line of armored vehicles snaked for miles through the streets of the city. The invasion had started well. Resistance along the border had been light, many enemy units surrendering or simply melting away. Many of the soldiers had yet to fire their weapons in anger. Still, something was not right. Many had predicted that the invaders would be welcomed as liberators, pelted by flowers and kisses from pretty girls, much like the liberation of Paris. A few skeptics had predicted sullen crowds, resentful of any foreign troops in their country. That had not happened either. The streets were empty--not a pretty girl, not a resentful man, not a waving kid, not a stray dog in sight. It was enough to make you nervous. Meanwhile, a second group of soldiers crouched and waited. They could hear the sound of the armored vehicles in the streets below but they were under strict orders not so much as to look out a window. They had deployed more than twenty-four hours earlier along the route their commanders had calculated the Americans would take through the city--and the commanders had been right! Now the waiting was almost over. From one end of the city to the other, young men checked their weapons one last time and waited for a specific song to be played on the local radio station."

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Naval War College Newport Paper No. 43
2019 Matthew B. Caffrey Jr
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