Last Stand: Evacuating a Hospital in the Middle of a Wildfire   [open pdf - 993KB]

From the Document: "'We're making a last stand.' A firefighter spoke these words just prior to hospital leaders making the decision to evacuate the Kaiser Permanente hospital in Santa Rosa, California. Many Americans watched helplessly in the fall of 2017 as thousands of acres burned in western states. Some people had very little notice before they had to evacuate, often having to drive through flames with just the proverbial clothes on their backs. ASPR [Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response] TRACIE [Technical Resources, Assistance Center, and Information Exchange] interviewed Joshua Weil [...], Assistant Physician-in-Chief, Hospital Operations of Kaiser Hospital Santa Rosa; Mitch Saruwatari [...], Director of Emergency Management, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Health Plan, Inc.; and Skip Skivington [...], Vice President of Healthcare Continuity Management, Kaiser Permanente, to learn more about their personal and professional experiences evacuating a hospital in the midst of a wildfire."

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