By, With, and Through: Capacity Building and the Canadian Armed Forces   [open pdf - 888KB]

From the thesis abstract: "In November 2017, the Government of Canada announced a new capacity-building mission in support of the United Nations. When considering the employment of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) around the world, capacity building currently represents the vast majority of CAF operations. This raises two important questions. Why does the Canadian government favor capacity building operations? What drives the Canadian public support for international operations and does capacity building meet these expectations? This monograph argues that capacity-building missions are uniquely suited to meet the current government's intent and the expectations of Canadians for the use of the Canadian military. By understanding why the government and people favor one type of mission over another, the CAF's leadership can shape military advice on the employment of military forces, drive force generation requirements, and provide a most likely scenario for the development of training, doctrine, and organizational structures. To support this thesis, this monograph examines the government's intent for the CAF as stated in the foreign and defense policies. The monograph also examines how Canadians influence government policies through public support in terms of three concerns. The monograph concludes with why capacity-building best reconcile the Canadian government's intent while maintaining public support."

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