Department of Defense: Fact Sheet on Section 2808 Funding Pool   [open pdf - 940KB]

From the Document: "On February 15, 2019, President Donald J. Trump declared a national emergency that requires the use of the armed forces and authorized the use of title 10, U.S. Code, section 2808. [...] To make decisions about the use of military construction funds, the Joint Staff and USNORTHCOM [U.S. Northern Command] will examine a project list of specific border barrier construction projects provided by the Department of Homeland Security and will conduct a mission analysis on which border barrier projects would support the use of the armed forces. This analysis will help determine the border barrier projects the Department of Defense (DoD) might undertake and the level of funding required. Decisions have not yet been made concerning which border barrier projects will be funded through section 2808 authority. If the Department's FY 2020 budget is enacted on time as requested, no military construction project used to source section 2808 projects would be delayed or cancelled."

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