Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report: A Sustained Assessment Report   [open pdf - 133MB]

Alternate Title: SOCCR2

From the Document: "Central to life on Earth, carbon is essential to the molecular makeup of all living things and plays a key role in regulating global climate. To understand carbon's role in these processes, researchers measure and evaluate carbon stocks and fluxes. A stock is the quantity of carbon contained in a pool or reservoir in the Earth system (e.g., carbon in forest trees), and a flux is the direction and rate of carbon's transfer between pools (e.g., the movement of carbon from the atmosphere into forest trees during photosynthesis). This document, the 'Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report' (SOCCR2), examines the patterns of carbon stocks and fluxes--collectively called the 'carbon cycle.' Emphasis is given to these patterns in specific sectors (e.g., agriculture and energy) and ecosystems (e.g., forests and coastal waters) and to the response of the carbon cycle to human activity. The purpose of SOCCR2 is to assess the current state of the North American carbon cycle and to present recent advances in understanding the factors that influence it. Concentrating on North America--Canada, the United States, and Mexico--the report describes carbon cycling for air, land, inland waters (streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs), and coastal waters (see Figure ES.1, p. 23)."

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