FDA Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Today, the nation imports food from more than 200 countries or territories and approximately 125,000 exporting food facilities plus farms. To meet consumers' growing demands, globalization of the food supply and adaptations of the food industry have resulted in more complex supply chains, varying business models, and increased specialization. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or 'agency') oversees the safety of most of the human and animal food ('food') consumed in the United States. An important aim of the agency's strategy for the safety of imported food is to assure Americans that food imported from abroad is held to the same food safety requirements as food produced domestically. In the past, FDA's imported food safety system focused on intercepting unsafe food at the border and preventing its entrance into the U.S. marketplace. As the volume of imports increased, along with a diversity of products and countries of origin (see Figures 2 and 3) the traditional regulatory oversight model was challenged. In 2019, between 14 and 15 million shipments of imported food are expected to enter the United States."

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