Fire Management Today: Managing Wildland Fire (Volume 70 No.1, 2010)   [open pdf - 1MB]

This issue of Fire Management Today features an article about how managing natural wildfires can be used as a tool for future resource management titled "Managing Wildfire for Resource Benefits" by Tom Harbour. Other articles include "Implementing Federal Wildland Fire Policy--Responding to Change" by Richard Lasko; "Organizational Learning Contributes to Guidance for Managing Wildland Fires for Multiple Objectives" by Thomas Zimmerman and Tim Sexton; "Wildland Fire Behavior Case Studies and the 1938 Honey Fire Controversy" by Martin E. Alexander and Stephen W. Taylor; "The Effects of Climatic Change and Wildland Fires on Air Quality in National Parks and Wilderness Areas" by Don McKenzie; "The 10 Standard Firefighting Orders and 18 Watch Out Situations: We Don't Bend Them, We Don't Break Them . . . We Don't Know Them" by Bryan Scholz; "From Another Perspective--The 10s, 18s, and Fire Doctrine" by Larry Sutton; "The Potential for Restoring Fire-Adapted Ecosystems: Exploring Opportunities To Expand the Use of Wildfire as a Natural Change Agent" by Gregory H. Aplet and Bo Wilmer; "Working Toward a Fire-Permeable Landscape-- Managing Wildfire for Resource Benefits in Remote, Rural, and Urban Areas of Alaska" by Mary Kwart and Morgan Warthin; and "Fire Effects Information System: New Engine, Remodeled Interior, Added Options" by Jane Kapler Smith.

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Fire Management Today (Volume 70 No.1, 2010)
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