Fire Management Today: Being Prepared (Volume 73 No.3, 2014)   [open pdf - 17MB]

This issue of Fire Management Today features an article reinforcing the principles of the Fire Suppression Doctrine titled "Fire Doctrine-- Where Has All the Fire Doctrine Gone?" by Tom Harbour. Other articles include "Fire Adapted Communities" by Pam Leschak; "Proactive Protection: A Community-Wide Approach to Wildfire Preparedness" by Molly Mowery and Cathy Prudhomme; "Setting the Stage: The Role of a Fire Department in a Fire Adapted Community" by Lucian Deaton; "How the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety is Working With Its Partners to Advance the Creation of Fire Adapted Communities" by Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety staff; "Fire Prevention--Who Ya Gonna' Call?" by Helene Cleveland; "Adopting a Learning Network Approach for Growing Fire Adapted Communities" by Nick Goulette, Lynn Decker, Michelle Medley-Daniel, and Bruce Evan Goldstein; "Firewise: Empowering Wildland-Urban Interface Residents to Take Responsibility for Their Wildfire Risk" by Michele Steinbergn; "Ready, Set, Go! Florida Wildfire Program" by Ronda Sutphen; "Wildfire, Wildlands, and People: Homeowners in the Wildland-Urban Interface" by Susan M. Stein, James Menakis, Mary A. Carr, Sara J. Comas, Susan I. Stewart, Helene Cleveland, Lincoln Bramwell, Volker C. Radelof; "Forest Service Response to Nonfire Emergencies" by Gordy Sachs; and "New and Revised Fire Effects Tools for Fire Management" by Robert E. Keane, Greg Dillon, Stacy Drury, Robin Innes, Penny Morgan, Duncan Lutes, Susan J. Prichard, Jane Smith, and Eva Strand.

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Fire Management Today (Volume 73 No.3, 2014)
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