Considerations and Recommendations Regarding State and Local Officer-Involved Use-Of-Force Investigations   [open pdf - 2MB]

"As first responders, law enforcement officers protect the communities they serve; maintain order; render aid; and enforce state, county, municipal, and federal laws. In performing these duties, officers sometimes must use force, including deadly force, which they are permitted to do, but only consistent with the authority delegated to them by state and federal laws. Particularly when law enforcement officers use force resulting in death or serious bodily injury, there must be a complete, thorough, and transparent investigation conducted in a timely manner. The public has a right to expect that all involved parties be held legally accountable--including criminally accountable when appropriate--for their actions under applicable law. [...] This document is a resource that sets forth recommendations and issues to consider for municipal, county, and state law enforcement officials tasked with ensuring accountability for critical use-of-force incidents that result in death or serious bodily injury to any party. It is designed to follow existing laws, regulations, and statutes, and agencies should review their operating structures to ensure adherence to governing processes as they seek to implement recommendations identified in this document. This document is intended to be used prior to critical use-of-force incidents to identify and implement recommendations, address issues, and better equip agencies to effectively respond to use-of-force investigations."

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