Fire Management Today: Climate Change: The Future is Here (Volume 74 No.3, 2015)   [open pdf - 2MB]

This issue of Fire Management Today features an article encouraging citizens to be active in the wildfire community titled "The Citizen of Fire" by Tom Harbour. Other articles include "High-Tech Is Useful But Costly: Modeling and Simulation Can Help With Tough Resourcing Decisions" by David Peterson, Ericson Davis, Jeremy Eckhause, Michael Pouy, Stephanie Sigalas-Markham, and Vitali Volovoi; "Smartphone Applications for Data Collection, Dynamic Modeling, and Visualization in the Wildland Fire Environment" by Zachary Holden, Jim Riddering, W. Matt Jolly, and Allen Warren; "Fire Management in a Changing Climate" by Elizabeth Reinhardt; "Forest Service Coordinated Tribal Climate Change Research Project" by Linda E. Kruger and Kathy Lynn; "Potential Climate Change Impacts on Fire Weather in the United States" by Warren E. Heilman, Ying Tang, Lifeng Luo, Shiyuan Zhong, Julie Winkler, and Xindi Bian; "Studying the Effects of a Changing Climate on Wildfires and the Impacts to the United State's Air Quality" by Maria Val Martin, Jeffrey Pierce, and Colette Heald; "Smokey Bear and 70 Years of Vigilance" by Fred Hernandez; "The Structural, Geographic, and Financial Impacts of Wildfire in the United States" by Thomas Jeffery; "Funny River Fire" by Diana Campbell; "Utah's Catastrophic Wildfire Reduction Strategy" by Nathan Barrons; and "The Quadrennial Fire Review--A Tool for the Future" by Sandra Burnett and Russell Johnson.

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Fire Management Today (Volume 74 No.3, 2015)
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