Fire Management Today: Weather Effects on Smoke and Wildland Fire (Volume 75 No.1, 2017)   [open pdf - 2MB]

This issue of Fire Management Today features an article motivating the wildfire community to keep looking forward titled "The Future is Bright" by Tom Harbour. Other articles include "Weather Effects on Smoke and Wildland Fire: Preface to the Special Issue"; "Who Does What: The Roles of Scientists in Wildland Fire Weather" by Robyn Heffernan; "Smoke Plumes: Emissions and Effects" by Susan M. O'Neill, Shawn Urbanski, Scott Goodrick, and Narasimhan K. Larkin; "Convection and Downbursts" by Joseph J. Charney and Brian E. Potter; "Terrain-Controlled Airflows" by J.J. Sharples, R.H.D. McRae, C.C. Simpson, P. Fox-Hughes, and C.B. Clements; "Red Flag Warnings in the 21st Century" by Heath Hockenberry; "Critical Fire Weather Patterns" by Paul Werth; "Weather, Fuels, Fire Behavior, Plumes, and Smoke-- The Nexus of Fire Meteorology" by Scott L. Goodrick, Timothy J. Brown, and W. Matt Jolly; "Coupled Weather-Fire Modeling: From Research to Operational Forecasting" by Janice L. Coen and W. Schroeder; "Social Media: Rocking the Wildfire World" by Mary Ann Chambers and Joseph G. Champ; "New Forestry Journal Features Fire Review Articles" by Martin E. Alexander; "Being Realistic About Risk" by Barbara B. Day; "A Fire Management Assessment of Operation FuGo" by Jameson Karns; and "Wildland/Urban Interface Watchouts."

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Fire Management Today (Volume 75 No.1, 2017)
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