Fire Management Today: Rim Fire Effects on Restored Areas, Budworm Effects and Wildfire, You Will Not Stand Alone, and More… (Volume 75 No.2, 2017)   [open pdf - 2MB]

This issue of Fire Management Today features an article praising the work done in 2017 while looking forward to 2018 titled "Thank You Team!" by Shawna Legarza. Other articles include "Rim Fire Severity in Forests With Relatively Restored Frequent Fire Regimes" by Jamie M. Lydersen, Malcolm P. North, and Brandon M. Collins; "Western Spruce Budworm and Wildfire: Is There a Connection?" by Daniel G. Gavin, Aquila Flower, Greg M. Cohn, Russell A. Parsons, and Emily K. Heyerdahl; "Coping With Tragedy: You Will Not Stand Alone" by Kristel Johnson; "Unplanned Wildfire in Areas With Slash Piles" by Alexander M. Evans and Clinton S. Wright; "Prescribed Fire Training Center Surpasses 1 Million Acres" by Joseph P. Ferguson and Greg Seamon; "Insurance and Wildfire Mitigation: What Do We Know?" by James R. Meldrum, Chris Barth, Patricia A. Champ, Hannah Brenkert-Smith, Lilia Falk, and Travis Warziniack; "Contracting Without Getting Burned" by Ed Delaney; "Interagency Partnership Mitigates Wildfire Risk in Georgia" by Holly Krake, Mike Ward, and Mike Davis; "Becoming Authentic: The Heart of Leadership in Wildland Fire Management" by Alexis Waldron and Mike Alarid; "Six Minutes for Safety"; and "Ten Fire Orders and Eighteen Watchout Situations."

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