Fire Management Today: Communities Adapting to Wildland Fire (Volume 76 No.4, 2018)   [open pdf - 2MB]

This issue of Fire Management Today features an article about educating communities about the need to adapt to wildfires titled "The Urgency of Community Adaptation to Wildland Fire" by Shawna A. Legarza. Other articles include "Helping Communities Adapt to Wildland Fire: Some Pointers" by Pam Leschak; " Wildfire Risk Mitigation: Local Solutions to a National Problem" by Jonathan Bruno; "Community Mitigation Assistance Teams: A Proven Approach" by Pam Leschak; "Reducing the Vulnerability of Homes to Wildfire" by Stephen L. Quarles; "Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges: Training, Treatment, and Outreach" by Jeremy Bailey and Lenya Quinn-Davidson; "International Association of Fire Chiefs: Reducing Wildfire Risk Through Leadership, Education, and Mitigation" by Kaitlin Lutz; "Wildfire Mitigation Through Home Assessments-Compliments of Your Local Volunteer Fire Department" by Lori Shirley; "Advancing Fire Adaptation by Engaging Practitioners" by Michelle Medley-Daniel; "Residents Reducing Wildfire Risks Through the Firewise USA™ Program" by Cathy Prudhomme; "Fire Prevention/Education Team at Work in the Northern Rockies" by Rita Chandler; "Collaboration Across Boundaries: A Policy Perspective on the State of Wildland Fire" by Vicki Christiansen; "Fire in America 2.0: Updating the Past" by Stephen J. Pyne; "Next-Generation Fire Modeling for Advanced Wildland Fire Training" by James H. Furman; and "A Fire Imagined" by Stephen Fillmore.

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Fire Management Today (Volume 76 No.4, 2018)
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