Leading Healing in a Broken Unit   [open pdf - 342KB]

"What began as an orderly process to allow local civilians to pass through a crowded entry control point (ECP) ended when a lone man detonated explosives strapped to his body. The blast killed several marines and severely wounded nearly a dozen others. Military personnel had been processing civilians as usual that afternoon when the suicide bomber entered the checkpoint. Standing between the barriers, he raised his arms in preparation for a search when he triggered the explosive device. The blast radiated in front of him on the interior side of the ECP, causing harm to those in close range. Characteristic of his command style, the senior enlisted leader (SEL), Roger Selden, was working directly with his men at the ECP. Their mission was to secure a small but significant city in their area of operations (AO). At the checkpoint that day, he had noticed the nervous and agitated behavior of the apparent suicide bomber, and at the last moment he positioned himself in front of one of his men, shielding him from the blast. Selden's act preserved the lives of several of his men, but he was killed."

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Case Study No. 9
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