Quick Reference: Radiation Risk Information for Responders Following a Nuclear Detonation   [open pdf - 913KB]

"This document supports the 'Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation' and was designed to provide responders with specific guidance and recommendations about the radiation risk associated with responding to an improvised nuclear device (IND) event, in order for them to protect themselves from the IND effects. It is intended to be part of preparation training with the 'Health and Safety Planning Guide For Planners and Supervisors For Protecting First Responders Following A Nuclear Detonation'. This provides basic information responders will need for the first 24 -72 hours after an extreme event -- a nuclear detonation. These guidelines are not designed to apply to other, less extreme, radiological events. Specific information/training should be sought for those. Some of this guidance will be counterintuitive to those trained in emergency response; however, it is critical that responders remain as safe and healthy as possible, not only for their own safety, but also to remain available for the ongoing mission of saving lives. Responders involved in an IND event need to be prepared to see numerous victims with serious traumatic injuries and illness including: severe burns, blindness, deafness, amputations, radiation sickness, etc."

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