Peking's Support of Insurgencies in Southeast Asia   [open pdf - 7MB]

"This study establishes the facts and examines the purposes of China's support of insurgencies in Southeast Asia. It is a fact that, despite China's overall policy of friendly relations, and despite the passage of some four years since the general ending of Cultural Revolution militancy, China continues to sponsor and support insurgencies against certain governments in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, in the cases of Burma and Thailand, such covert assistance has significantly expanded: high-ranking officers . from the PLA's [People's Liberation Army] 11th Army perform command roles in insurgent headquarters; PLA officers and non-coms help fill out the ranks of insurgent combat forces; PLA units in nearby Yunnan Province train and supply the rebels; and China-based 'insurgent' radio stations beam operational guidance and anti-government propaganda support into Burma and Thailand. These remote insurgencies are not likely to threaten the Rangoon or Bangkok governments, but the fact remains that China's covert sponsorship of these insurrections is clearly impeding China's diplomatic attempts to elicit further responsiveness from these same governments."

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