Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate: S. 1457, Advanced Nuclear Energy Technologies Act   [open pdf - 72KB]

"S. 1457 would specify objectives for the Department of Energy's (DOE's) programs related to the development of advanced nuclear energy technologies. The bill would direct the Secretary of Energy to enter into one or more agreements with nonfederal partners, by September 30, 2028, to implement at least four projects to demonstrate the potential for such technologies to be used in commercial nuclear reactors. CBO expects that meeting that deadline would require a significant and sustained increase in federal spending relative to current funding for DOE's nuclear energy programs. Using information from DOE and the nuclear industry, CBO estimates that implementing S. 1457 would cost $4 billion over the 2019-2023 period, and $12.6 billion over the 2019-2028 period, assuming appropriation of the necessary amounts. That spending would support a broad range of research and engineering activities necessary to advance nuclear technology as well as activities related to designing, licensing, and implementing demonstration projects under the bill. In 2019, the Congress provided about $1 billion for DOE's nuclear energy programs."

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