Administration of the House of Representatives: Actions Taken During a New Congress and Following a Majority Change [November 26, 2018]   [open pdf - 349KB]

"During the period between the November elections and when the new Congress convenes (at noon on January 3, unless a different day is designated by law during the preceding Congress, pursuant to the Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution), a new incoming House majority lacks official institutional authority to implement any changes beyond procedures governing the activities of its conference or caucus. Matters relating to chamber rules, officers, staff, office space, and administrative practices remain under the direction of the outgoing majority. While a new incoming majority may lack formal authority to undertake administration of the House prior to the formal convening of the chamber, discussions related to a transition may need to occur prior to the formal assumption of majority status. Decisions about the transition may be made at various times, from the first meetings on early organization of the chamber soon after the general election through the first several weeks of a new Congress. Finally, on the first day of a new Congress, many activities and decisions are required and occur routinely, regardless of whether there was a change in party control."

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