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"In today's connected world, where nearly all devices--from the phones in our pockets, to the refrigerators in our kitchens, to the multi-million-dollar equipment that runs our electric grid--are linked together through the Internet, cybersecurity has at once become a household term and one of the most complicated, difficult issues facing society. Once a topic seen mostly as a nuisance, requiring the occasional password reset or new credit card, cybersecurity now regularly makes headlines as the Internet and connected technologies have become not only economic, diplomatic, and military tools, but integral parts of our daily lives. However, even as the Internet has rapidly developed to become a vital part of modern society, it appears that the integration of effective cybersecurity has not kept pace. Recognizing this reality, the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee has spent the past several years analyzing certain cybersecurity issues with impacts across the Energy and Commerce Committee's broad jurisdiction. Several patterns have emerged from the Subcommittee's work. Regardless of industry, size, or sophistication, the cybersecurity challenges organizations face are largely the same. Further, traditional information technology (IT) strategies seem largely ineffective at stemming the growing tide of cybersecurity incidents--which now range from ransomware attacks that can hold an entire company hostage to hackers' exploitation of a security vulnerability in the latest cellphone model."

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Listed on December 19, 2018 [Critical Releases]