Agreement Between the United States of America and Nicaragua   [open pdf - 2MB]

"In support of the 2018 Mutually Agreed Activities, the Embassy proposes that United States military and civilian personnel (defined as members of the United States Armed Forces and civilian employees of the United States Department of Defense, respectively, hereinafter referred to collectively as 'United States Personnel') present in Nicaragua in connection with the 2018 Mutually Agreed Activities be accorded status equivalent to that accorded to the administrative and technical staff of the Embassy of the United States of America under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of April 18, 1961; that United States Personnel be permitted to enter and exit Nicaragua with United States identification and with collective movement or individual travel orders; that Nicaraguan authorities shall accept as valid, without a driving fee or test, valid, unexpired driving licenses or permits issued by the appropriate authorities in the United States to United States Personnel for the operation of vehicles; that United States Personnel be authorized to wear uniforms while performing official duties in Nicaragua; and that United States Personnel be authorized to bring into Nicaragua United States Government weapons, which must be secured by United States Personnel and which may be carried by United States Personnel for such purposes as are decided by both Governments."

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Treaties and Other International Acts Series 17-1215
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