Department of Homeland Security: Web Emergency Operations Center (WebEOC) Interconnectivity (Fiscal Year 2017 Report to Congress)   [open pdf - 414KB]

"House Report 114-668 accompanying the FY 2017 DHS Appropriations Act (P.L. 115-31) requires FEMA to report on the steps taken to address interconnectivity issues identified in DHS's Office of Inspector General (OIG) report, OIG-16-10, FEMA Faces Challenges in Managing Information Technology. The report identified key findings related to duplicative and time-consuming data entry because of lack of interface between WebEOC and FEMA's financial management systems and various state WebEOC-type systems. To address this known connectivity gap with state/territory systems (both WebEOC and non-WebEOC), FEMA provided every state/territory with FEMA WebEOC user accounts in order for users to submit their resource requests directly to FEMA. If the state/territory chooses not to submit resource requests directly through FEMA's WebEOC system, a FEMA employee will enter the request into FEMA's WebEOC. Additional system interconnections with every state/territory to WebEOC would be costly, complex, and would increase FEMA's exposer to cybersecurity risk significantly. FEMA does not believe that the potential for minimal time savings gained by directly interfacing systems in order to submit and approve resource requests is cost-effective. Further, each state/territory system does not interface with its many local jurisdictions' systems necessarily, so an interface would not address time constraints fully."

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