Quinquennial Report on Asylum Decision Trends and Factors: Fiscal Year 2016 Report to Congress   [open pdf - 839KB]

"The enclosed report provides information on affirmative asylum applications adjudicated by the USCIS [U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations' Asylum Division from FYs 2010-2014. This report endeavors to analyze different factors in asylum cases and their relationship to approval odds. The factors analyzed include the Asylum Office handling the case, the applicant's home country, whether the applicant was represented, whether the applicant had dependents, and whether the applicant applied within 1 year after arriving in the United States. The report also analyzes demographic characteristics of the Asylum Officer adjudicating the case, including the officer's asylum adjudication experience, gender, and age. Of the factors measured, timeliness in filing for asylum, geographic subregion of nationality, and freedom score of an applicant's country of nationality were the most statistically significant factors in accounting for differences in case approvals. Statistical analysis also indicates that personal characteristics of the asylum officers like gender, age, and experience had a small-to-negligible effect on case approval odds."

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