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"The Earthquake Country Alliance (ECA) is a statewide 'alliance of alliances' linking the public information efforts of organizations and individuals that provide earthquake information and services. Participants include the Redwood Coast Tsunami Workgroup, the Bay Area Earthquake Alliance, the Central Coast Earthquake Alliance, and the Southern California Earthquake Alliance (new name of the original 'ECA'). Other regional alliances may join the ECA in the future representing other parts of the state. ECA members include: scientists and engineers; non-profit organization and business leaders; community groups and activists; federal, state, and local government leaders and agencies; tribes; and others who share a passion for making a difference towards reducing California's earthquake risk. Join today using one of our online forms. You can also view our participant lists to see who is involved. Soon earthquakecountry.org will be updated to provide a one-stop source for regional alliance activities and general earthquake preparedness, mitigation, and safety information through its related websites daretoprepare.org, dropcoverholdon.org, terremotos.org (Spanish information), and ShakeOut.org, the website of the annual statewide earthquake drill that the ECA organizes with its many partners. The ECA's main strategy is to coordinate the earthquake information materials and programs of organizations with related missions and activities, so that the public receives information that is consistent, from multiple sources they trust, through multiple channels, and serves all California residents."

Southern California Earthquake Center
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