Historical Eruptions and Hazards at Bogoslof Volcano, Alaska   [open pdf - 7MB]

"Bogoslof volcano is a submarine volcano in the southern Bering Sea (53.9272°N, 168.0344°W), located 100 kilometers (km) west of Dutch Harbor/Unalaska, and 40 km north of Umnak Island. The volcano has a relatively long history of scientific investigation and several of its historical eruptions have been documented during brief visits to the area since the late 1700s. The purpose of this report is to provide a modern volcanological perspective on past eruptions of Bogoslof and to readdress some of the eruptive phenomena described in historical documents and reports. We also present for the first time a brief analysis of the hazards posed by Bogoslof eruptions. While this report was being prepared, Bogoslof volcano was in an ongoing state of eruptive activity that began in mid-December 2016. Detectable eruptive activity ended in late August 2017 and the volcano has remained quiet since then. Because we have not yet visited Bogoslof Island and have only a few distal tephra samples from two eruptive events, we will not discuss in detail the 2016-17 eruptive sequence, but will provide some information for comparative purposes. When more detailed data has been collected, a more extensive review of the 2016-17 Bogoslof eruption should be the subject of future reports."

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Scientific Investigations Report 2018-5085
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