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"The successful management of large portfolios of C2 [Command and Control] systems and applications requires an understanding of programmatic data. The ability to extract and clarify programmatic data related to specific C2 systems or groups of C2 systems and codified as Program Elements (PEs) is complementary to any functional or capabilities-based C2 analysis. PEs are the basic components or building blocks of the Future Years Defense Plan (FYDP) containing all funding documentation. Analyzing PEs through repeatable analytic methods allows resource managers to better focus attention toward essential programs and associated funding lines. Further methodologies that can help develop fundamental programmatic baselines and accurately apply a tangible measurement of the alignment of PEs to specific focus areas provide critical assistance when making programmatic recommendations for Periodic Review (PR) and Program Objective Memorandum (POM) cycles. This paper discusses the general application of the PE analysis methodology as well as the specific application of the methodology to a test case. It covers several successful applications of the methodology as well as the challenges encountered and refinements to the original alignment processes. Methodology strengths and weaknesses are discussed, as well as possible venues for improvement before concluding with a proposed way ahead."

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