Impact of Alleged Russian Cyber Attacks   [open pdf - 550KB]

"High profile cyber attacks against Estonia and Georgia have brought the subject of cyber security from the realm of internet magazines to main stream media outlets. The cyber attacks advanced the perceptions of animosity between the Russian Federation and former Soviet satellites. The cyber attacks that have occurred in the last few years have shown the vulnerabilities of using the internet and the weaknesses of cyber defenses. There is little concrete proof of involvement of the Russian Federation government in any cyber attacks. The circumstantial evidence does lead to the perception that the Russian government was behind or supported recent cyber attacks. When countries or organizations stand in opposition to Russia they are likely to receive a cyber attack in order to influence their position. Government and organizational leaders need to ensure that their cyber defenses are ready to protect private information, internet services and electrical grids that rely on internet technology to function. Former Soviet satellites, the United States, and international organizations need to strive to increase international co-operation in order to defeat cyber crime. Without a legal international framework cyber criminals will continue to operate in areas where there are no laws or agreements concerning cyber security."

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