Below Ten: Combating Drugs, Guns, and Human Trafficking at the U.S. Southwest Border   [open pdf - 23MB]

"In 2012, the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) issued a request for proposal to apply the principles of community policing to border issues related to guns, drugs, and human trafficking, having recognized that these issues presented unique challenges to Southwest border communities Strategic Applications International (SAI) invited each of the 10 cities on the southwest border of the United States to participate through the Below Ten: Mobilizing Border Cities to Address Guns, Drugs, and Human Trafficking project, funded by the COPS Office. Three sites responded and were selected to participate: San Diego County, California; Nogales, Arizona; and Pharr, Texas. Each site took a different focus, with San Diego addressing human trafficking, Nogales targeting the business community and ranchers, and Pharr focusing on the impact of unaccompanied minors crossing the border from all over Mexico and Central America. In addition, each site developed its own unique focus based on the issues most affecting that community. Nogales focused more on drugs and guns than the other sites, but illegal immigration was also an issue for Nogales and Pharr [...] This publication details the process, the strategies, and the key learnings that the three sites generated through their commitment to tackle a complex issue in a complex environment."

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