Journal of Military Learning (Volume 2, Number 2)   [open pdf - 11MB]

This October 2018 edition of the Journal of Military Learning contains the following articles: "Foundational Theories and Approaches to Ethics Education within the U.S. Military: A Literature Review" by Stephanie K. Erwin and Leslie Kirsch; "Using Digital Textbooks to Improve Student Learning: Lessons for Military Educators" by Col. Liam Collins, PhD, U.S. Army; Maj. Jake A. Miraldi, U.S. Army; and Maj. John Spencer, U.S. Army; "What Our Professional Military Leaders Need to Know: Enhancing the Professional Military Educational Structure" by Jonathan E. Czarnecki, PhD; "Incorporating Reflection Exercises to Identify Soft Skills in Army Education" by Michael Kirchner, PhD, and Kimberly O'Connor, JD; "U.S. Air Force Military Training Instructor and Instructor Trainer Competencies: Training the Instructors of the Next Generation of Airmen" by Laura Barron, PhD; Lt. Col. James Young, PhD, U.S. Air Force; Mark Rose, PhD; and James Johnson, PhD; "The Intersection of Leadership and Emotions: Lessons and Actions Leading to Change" by Wes Smith, EdD; Troy Messer, EdD; Jeff Sun, PhD; Megan Pifer, PhD; "Educating Soldiers in a Virtual Environment" by Thomas E. Hennefer, PhD; and "The Army Learning Coordination Council as a Change Catalyst Exportable Educational Change Management for the Twenty-First Century" by Col. Thomas Bolen, U.S. Army, and Vince Carlisle, PhD. There is also one book review and a comments and announcements section in this issue.

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