DSB Task Force on Cyber as a Strategic Capability: Executive Summary   [open pdf - 2MB]

"The Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Cyber as a Strategic Capability was established to assess how cyber capabilities are being used by U.S. competitors and adversaries to achieve strategic effects, and provide recommendations for how the United States can develop and employ a strategic cyber capability of our own. While the United States retains significant advantages in most military domains, the United States has fallen behind its competitors in the cyber domain, both conceptually and operationally. The threat that adversary nations and nonstate actors pose is not a hypothetical one - the United States has witnessed the effectiveness of strategic cyber operations, both against other countries and against the United States itself, on multiple occasions. Given the degree to which U.S. civilian and military infrastructure depend on cyber-enabled technologies, U.S. risks in the cyber domain present a serious and growing challenge to the Nation's ability to defend itself at home and advance its interests abroad. The DSB report on Cyber as a Strategic Capability concludes that U.S. strategic competitors and other states possess effective strategic cyber capabilities and doctrine. These may, in certain scenarios, stress U.S. ability to deter adversary cyber aggression. The study, therefore, examines the laws, governance structures, and culture that impair the United States from fully possessing strategic cyber capabilities. The United States must act quickly to enable strategic cyber as an option in the spectrum of effects. Doing so will help ensure the United States maintainsits current global posture and the U.S. homeland is protected against adversary blackmail and aggression."

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