PrepTalks: The Making of a Resilient Future - Disaster Risk in Developing Countries [video]   [open html - 47KB]

"In his PrepTalk, [Francis] Ghesquiere presents a global perspective on the need to improve disaster resilience. He highlights the scale of the challenge, from rapid urbanization in areas at risk of earthquakes and floods, to the increasing frequency and intensity of storms. He discusses the need for all sectors to participate in planning and to incorporate future trends in population growth, urbanization, and increasing risk due to future environmental conditions. Ghesquiere heads the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), a global partnership hosted by the World Bank with programs in more than 80 countries. In a recent report, The making of a riskier future: How our decisions are shaping future disaster risk, the GFDRR demonstrates how 'tomorrow's risk is being built today. We must therefore move away from risk assessments that show risk at a single point in the present and move instead towards risk assessments that can guide decision makers towards a resilient future.' Ghesquiere focuses on the importance of this future perspective in his PrepTalk."

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