Binational Hazardous Materials Prevention and Emergency Response Plan Among the County of San Diego, the City of San Diego, California and the City of Tijuana, Baja California   [open pdf - 778KB]

"In 1999, the United States of America and Mexico signed a Joint Contingency Plan (JCP) that established a foundation for cooperative efforts regarding prevention, preparedness, response, and mitigation of hazardous substances releases in the border area, which is defined as 62.2 miles (100 km) on either side of the inland international boundary. The JCP serves as an umbrella plan which sets forth a broad framework for planning efforts for the 14 Sister City pairs on the U.S.- Mexico border from California through Texas. The federal governments of the United States of America and Mexico acknowledge the need to develop plans and establish preventive and response mechanisms between Sister Cities. They recognize the benefits of cross border response and cooperative sharing of resources and manpower in times of national disasters. So too, the communities of San Diego County/City of San Diego, California and Tijuana, Baja California recognize their need to cooperate with each other in times of local disasters and to take measures to reduce risks and mitigate incidents."

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