CyberCiege Scenario Illustrating Secrecy Issues Through Mandatory and Discretionary Access Control Policies in a Multi-Level Security Network   [open pdf - 474KB]

From the thesis abstract: "User training in computer and network security is crucial to the survival of modern networks, yet the methods employed to train users often seem ineffective. One possible reason is that users are not fully engaged during these training sessions and thus they tend to forget the lessons being taught. The CyberCIEGE game introduces a new method of training in computer and network security. The player engages in a simulation-based network security game, that reflects real-world security principles. Each time the CyberCIEGE game runs, it loads a Scenario Definition File (SDF) written to teach specific security concepts. This thesis developed such a scenario definition file for the CyberCIEGE game. The educational purpose of the scenario is to illustrate secrecy issues in the context of mandatory and discretionary access control in a multilevel networked environment. The primary work of this thesis was to construct the scenario definition file such that playing the resulting game would achieve this educational purpose. This thesis also resulted in the construction of scenario definition files to test the CyberCIEGE game engine for expected results. These tests resulted in several recommendations for improvement in the game engine."

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