Improving SPAWAR PEP C4I Organizational Alignment to Better Enable Enterprise Technical Risk Management   [open pdf - 895KB]

"This thesis examined how the Navy's Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I) has performed enterprise risk management (ERM). Based on ERM literature, the study developed an analytical framework to assess PEO C4I's ERM practices against documented ERM best practices, including evaluating a new risk in terms of its impact on existing risks and ensuring risks are managed at the most detailed level possible. The thesis also utilized organizational alignment literature to include organizational alignment principles in the evaluation. Key principles include 1) every employee has the responsibility to manage risk and 2) multiple teams are able to manage a single risk. The resultant analytical framework was applied to PEO C4I and documented for application to other organizations. PEO C4I performed well in the areas of 1) evaluating risks in areas other than the originating program office and 2) providing the framework to elevate risks to leadership. PEO C4I could use improvement in cross-team risk coordination and development of enterprise models to provide context for enterprise risks. Recommended interventions focus on having more functional areas involved in risk mitigation and developing a common enterprise architecture to improve understanding of potential areas of risk."

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