Improving Information Sharing in the New York City Homeland Security Community   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the thesis abstract: "Information sharing during complex large-scale emergencies continues to challenge New York City (NYC) agencies. Despite both local and national mandates for emergency response after 9/11, information sharing between and within agencies is limited. A conceptual model-based approach is proposed for multi-agency information-sharing challenges during large-scale emergency incidents. A case study of the 2017 Hurricane Maria response in Puerto Rico by NYC agencies within the larger federal response to evaluate the current information-sharing environment highlights the need for more effective information sharing during large events. The case study used the Urban Search and Rescue New York Task Force 1, the New York City Fire Department Incident Management Team, and the NYC Department of Buildings as representative NYC agencies. The case study provided the opportunity to evaluate both the current technology and organizational framework for NYC response agencies and national partner agencies during a real-world event. The case study research confirmed the potential for a conceptual model to specify the information attributes and flow paths of the event, according to an agency's needs. The research also confirmed the applicability of a model-based approach to include existing legacy systems and data structures to enable inter- and intra-agency information sharing during large events."

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