High Stakes Chess: Hashemite Monarchy Masters the Game in Spite of All Odds   [open pdf - 818KB]

From the student thesis: "Jordan faces severe security challenges, but the Hashemite Monarchy has shown skill in using political tools to overcome internal and external conflict and strife. King Abdullah II has proven himself adept in negotiation. His administration has repeatedly proven themselves as masters of compromise to maintain stability in the country. Jordan's leadership weathered the storms of the Arab Spring for three primary reasons: the institution of the monarchy provides a focal point of social cohesion and legitimacy that restrains the desire to rebel; the king and his supporting coalition, by virtue of its self-confidence, identity, and extensive experience made better decisions in response to the external events that triggered bigger, more sustained protests elsewhere; and finally, the monarchy received critical support from its Western allies and fellow Middle Eastern monarchies, most prominently, Saudi Arabia. Time and time again, the Hashemite Monarchy has skillfully walked a political tight rope to keep the peace between wildly different camps within and external to its borders. The kingdom will need all its considerable political skills in years to come as tough times certainly continue."

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