Beyond the Wild Blue-On-Blue: Leveraging Counter-Fratricide Technologies for Operational Effects   [open pdf - 220KB]

From the thesis executive summary: "Only the coordinated energy of the entire combined/joint force will produce truly effective counter-fratricide technology, tactics, techniques, and procedures. Failure to standardize counter-fratricide Link 16 integration efforts in all combatant aircraft will lead to asymmetrical and piecemeal solutions that will strain coalitions, with harmful operational and strategic level effects. [...] 21st century warfare has exacerbated the effects of air-to-ground fratricide. While always tragic, contemporary blue-on-blue incidents can now have detrimental effects at the operational and even strategic levels of war. In an effort to combat fratricide using technological innovation, two key technologies stand out: Blue Force Tracker and Link 16. Using Link 16 architectural modifications, friendly positional data can be displayed in individual cockpits, revolutionizing situational awareness. [...] By continuing and or expanding implementation of the above technological solutions and strict adherence to JTTPs [Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures], the combined/joint force has the potential to finally zeroize air-to-ground fratricides. It is imperative that adequate funding and priority be given to fielding this triad of innovation throughout not just the U.S., but throughout allied and coalition militaries."

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