Forcible Displacement of Palestinians to Jordan: A National Security Crisis   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the thesis abstract: "After several rages of war, ongoing and consistent state violence against the Palestinian mainstream and way of life, the diasporas of Palestinian refugees, across the Arab world and especially into the Hasemite Kingdom of Jordan have become an issue of grave concern. The Palestinian refugee issue is a derivative of the expulsion of millions of Palestinians after the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, and after the 1967 Six-Day War, (which resulted in Israel occupying the West Bank and Gaza Strip). As long as their land is still illegally occupied territory, the Palestinian refugee issue will be of great concern. Most of the new wave of refugees would likely try to settle into Jordan, since over 1.5 million Palestinians already settled there. After narrowing the scope to Jordan, one can see the economic and political impact that a new wave of Palestinian refugees would have on Jordan's national security. After going through various effects on national security, ranging from exhausting of resources (supply not enough to meet demand) to increased levels of frustration of refugees in Jordan that could lead to civil chaos and uprisings, a resolution can be developed from two options. These options are assessed on lasting solution, capability of implementing, and the political cost for Jordan's image as a moderate state. First, and highly preferred, is the political option, in which Jordan poses as the maintainer of regional stability, playing a key role in diplomacy and adherence to UN Resolutions. The second option, and last resort, would be a purely military option, which would entail the military closure of Jordanian borders to a new wave of refugees. Military leaders would be briefing the political leaders of potential effects and consequences of a military option, as well as the increased readiness of the Jordanian Army to prevent any elements that could provoke an internal crisis."

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