CyberCIEGE Scenario Illustrating Integrity Risks to a Military-Like Facility   [open pdf - 831KB]

From the thesis abstract: "As the number of computer users continues to grow, attacks on assets stored on computer devices have increased. Despite an increase in computer security awareness, many users and policy makers still do not implement security principles in their daily lives. Ineffective education and the lack of personal experience and tacit understanding might be a main cause. The CyberCIEGE game can be used to convey requisite facts and to generate tacit understanding of general computer security concepts to a broad audience. This thesis asked if a Scenario Definition File (SDF) for the CyberCIEGE game could be developed to educate and train players in Information Assurance on matters related to information integrity in a networking environment. The primary educational concern is the protection of stored data. Another goal was to test whether the game engine properly simulates real world behavior. The research concluded that it is possible to create SDFs for the CyberCIEGE game engine to teach specifically about integrity issues. Three specific SDFs were developed for teaching purposes. Several SDFs were developed to demonstrate the game engine's ability to simulate real world behavior for specific, isolated educational goals. These tests led to recommendations to improve the game engine."

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