Deterrence Impact Modeling Environment (DIME) Proof-Of-Concept Test Evaluations and Findings   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The exploding use of social media and digital monitoring presents the Coast Guard with a crucial new domain for mission operations. At the very least, the digital domain is a source of situational awareness for maritime operations. Over time andwith creative engagement, the digital domain offers the Coast Guard potentially powerful tools to intelligently inform policy, strategy and planning decision making across most - even all - mission sets. The study explores the Data Driven Decision Making Cycle metaphorical concepts of a Digital Ocean and a pilot project as means to contextually define the exploding data streams associated with the emergence of the socio-technological domain and a means for engaging this domain. The study shows how a pilot project institutionalizes a Coast Guard capability to build tools (mobile applications) that: identify data escapes where digital pheromones are being produced; capture them; identify trends and patterns; and produce a mechanism that allows decision makers to visualize and decide where, when and how to intervene, as well as visualize the results of that intervention. The Data Driven Decision-Making cycle is developed to provide the pilot project with an information management framework that supports decision-making at all levels by: [1] Identifying emerging patterns of strategic importance; [2] Routing relevant information among tactical decision support tools; [3] Supporting continuous improvement of operational capabilities."

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