Land, Space, and Cyberspace Nexus: Evolution of the Oldest Military Operations in the Newest Military Domains   [open pdf - 4MB]

From the executive summary: 'Over the last century, the domains of air, space, and cyberspace have joined the traditional warfighting domains of land and sea. While the doctrine for land operations is relatively mature, the doctrine for space and cyberspace continue to evolve in an often unstructured manner. This monograph examines the relationships among these domains and how they apply to U.S. Army and joint warfighting. It concentrates on the central question: How are U.S. military operations in the newest domains of space and cyberspace being integrated with operations in the traditional domain of land? [...] The scope of this study extends from current doctrine toward the anticipated operational environment over the next 20 years. Material considered and presented here is limited to unclassified and open source information; therefore, any classified discussion must occur via another venue. This monograph provides cursory summaries and observations of over a thousand pages of official joint and service documentation. Thus, it serves as a synopsis with analysis of the important issues related to joint operations in land, space, and cyberspace. This information should allow senior policymakers, decision makers, military leaders, and their respective staffs to gain common understanding and professional appreciation for the wide array of frameworks and concepts as well as their interconnections. Of course, the reader should always defer to the full text for details and context."

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