ITL Bulletin: Improving the Trustworthiness of Email, and Beyond! (April 2018)   [open pdf - 191KB]

Alternate Title: Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) Bulletin: Improving the Trustworthiness of Email, and Beyond! (April 2018)

This document is the Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) Bulletin for April 2018 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. From the introduction: "Each of us relies heavily on electronic mail (email) exchanges at home and at work, but the integrity of these transactions is often at risk. By one count, in the time it takes to read this sentence, 18,730,509 emails will have been sent somewhere on the Internet. (Unfortunately, 12.5 million of those will likely be spam!) Many emails include financial, proprietary, and privacy-related information that needs to be protected.This article introduces some of the work that is being done to address solutions for providing digital signature technologies to authenticate and protect the integrity of email on an end-to-end basis, protecting confidentiality of email in transit among organizations. These tools have been available but not widely adopted in the past. Yet, operating an email system without taking advantage of these security and privacy tools increases risks unnecessarily. NIST's [National Institute of Standards and Technology] Information Technology Laboratory, through the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), recently published Special Publication (SP) 1800-6, Domain Name System-Based Electronic Mail Security, as a guide for how to architect, install, and configure a security platform for trustworthy email exchanges across organizational boundaries."

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