Looking Back to the Future of Cyberspace Warfare   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the monograph abstract: "To some, the term cyberspace is a daunting term. For US military leaders, cyberspace needs to be embraced and understood in order to effectively integrate the capabilities offered in and through cyberspace with all military operations. Cyberspace should be viewed as another domain in which to operate, in other words a different or additional battlespace [sic]. Cyberspace should also be viewed as providing additional capabilities to military leaders to conduct warfare. By embracing, understanding, and integrating cyberspace military leaders have additional actions to sequence in time, space, and purpose in order to reach desired strategic objectives. Some define this sequencing of actions as operational art. There is current US military doctrine describing the integration of cyberspace into military operations, but the doctrine is not routinely practiced or understood. Instead cyberspace is normally treated as a niche subject that is hard to comprehend. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those that view cyberspace as the primary means of waging future conflicts with the term cyberwar being used. By analyzing history and the evolution of military theory in other military domains, one can see connections to the way in which cyberspace is evolving as well."

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