Department of Defenses Enhanced Requirement for Offensive Cyber Warfare Operations   [open pdf - 652KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The Department of Defense (DoD) needs to further develop its offensive cyber warfare capabilities at all levels. In an asymmetric environment, understanding an enemy's information capacity and disrupting his information flow is a key enabler for success on and off conventional and non-conventional battlefields. If the DoD does not prosecute offensive cyber warfare tactics then the DoD has effectively allowed a significant advantage to be given to an adversary. The DoD's cyber networks are under constant probing and attack from state supported and non-state supported entities. This style of warfare is only expected to expand in scope and sophistication. Several near peer states have well developed military units in support of offensive cyber warfare operations. These states utilize their cyber warfare capabilities to support their national . operational and strategic objectives. Near pear nations such as China and Russia have well developed offensive cyber warfare capabilities and doctrine within their militaries. The DoD needs to establish like units to continue its tactical, operational and strategic dominance over its adversaries. ."

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