Verifiable Task Assignment and Scheduling Controller   [open pdf - 1013KB]

From the Interim Report abstract: "Anticipated advances in the use and capability of unmanned systems will result in increased demands on mission planning and human-machine teaming. An approach to handle these demands is through a model checking tool for verification of unmanned aerial vehicle mission planning. This report describes the development and testing of one such tool, Specification Pattern Editor and Checker (SPEC), with an emphasis on providing the human operator a way to communicate their high-level mission goals and objectives to the model checking software without having to learn temporal logics. This initial verification tool was evaluated for usability and further refined into a second version. The tool was experimentally tested to investigate the effects of verification tools like model checkers for pre-mission route planning. Results showed that a verification tool increased mission planning accuracy, while also increasing mission planning time compared to mission planning with a baseline configuration without verification. Subjective workload was not different between the two display configurations. These results indicate that verification tools such as SPEC enable humans to communicate mission objectives and constraints to machines, which results in more accurate plans, and that further research on speeding up the interaction could result in further gains from verification tools."

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