Go Fast, Go Big, Go Early, and Go Smart: The Air National Guard in Complex Catastrophes   [open pdf - 8MB]

From the thesis abstract: "Can the Air National Guard (ANG) go fast, go big, go early, and go smart in a complex catastrophe? In other words, can the ANG respond quickly and efficiently with adequate capacity in a timely manner to save and sustain lives in the face of a humanitarian disaster exponentially larger than Hurricane Katrina? Devastating earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, and Japan illustrated vividly and tragically the human, economic, and social impact of such a catastrophic disaster. [...]To that end, this work examines four questions. First, does the ANG possess unique and specialized capabilities, capable of spanning many missions, and are multi-purpose. Second, can the ANG arrive quickly and provide a safe and secure environment for local, state, and private sector partnerships to work effectively. Third, where should the ANG reside in an integrated DOD wide effort to bring forces to bear in a timely fashion should governors ask for support. Lastly, can the ANG leverage its capabilities across FEMA regions vice simply in and around local bases. The scope is limited to the ANG specifically vice the National Guard as a whole. Analysis suggests the ANG can go fast, go big, and go early, but cannot go smart in a complex catastrophe. The Air Guard can respond in a quick and timely manner to save and sustain lives but lacks the mechanism to employ its substantial capacity efficiently. Consequently, recommendations are made to strengthen the ANG's civil support mechanism particularly in areas of sourcing and funding."

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